School snacks

Fruit Cups


Varieties include: Cantaloupe, Red Grape, Honeydew, Mango, Cant/Dew, Cant/Dew/Grape, Cant/Water/Dew/Pine, Pineapple, Pine/Grape, Watermelon, Seasonal specialty melon

Vegetable Cups

     Varieties include: Broc/Carrot, Cauli/Carrot, Celery/Carrot, Carrot Coin, Cauli/Broc, Grape Tomato, Cauli/Carrot/Broc, Pepper/Cuke, Cucumber, Green Bell/Red Bell, Sugar Snap Pea, Grape Tom/Broc, Grape Tom/Cuke/Broc/Pepper, Jicama sticks, Sweet Potato sticks
We also do mild and mango salsa in the single portions.
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