“Sales and Customer Service” - These words are the cornerstone of our company and the main ingredient for our success. From Production to QA, from Maintenance to Distribution, we are all committed to customer service and know that “customer service” is all about customers!  At Condies Foods, we’re not just committed to "our" customers, but to "their" customers as well. Whether your end user is a restaurant patron, a student, or a retail consumer, you can rest assured we are listening to them and taking care of them, just as well as we are taking care of you. Our commitment to customer service starts with production and does not stop after the product leaves the warehouse. It continues until our product is in the hands of your customers. Our energetic sales and customer service department is well trained and understands that every customer is important and that all customers must be handled with VIP treatment.

Today’s foodservice customers demand quality ingredients from a reliable, sustainable source. At Condies Foods we are the source that you are looking for.

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